Frequently Asked Questions About Our Service

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A Foreign Affair has been in business for 22 successful years. Each of the three owners of the company are happily married to Russian women and are living testaments to the benefits made available by this type of service. But don’t just take our word for it - if you have spoken to an AFA representative, and you still have questions or doubts, simply ask for a list of previous tour client referrals. We will be happy to place you in contact with prior tour clients and married couples who will take their personal time to inform a fellow participant of the opportunities that await you. Simply call us at (602) 553-8178 to obtain as many referrals as you like. AFA offices around the world collect 1000’s of profiles on a weekly basis and electronically submit that profile information to our web site. This allows us to place over 200 new, fresh, beautiful faces on our web site each week. Understandably, the most attractive and desirable women do not stay single long. Great selection, the most current profiles from our foreign offices, and the speed of the Internet insure you the greatest selection of the most current women who want to meet you.

A Foreign Affair was designed for men who wish to explore all possible options when it comes to choosing a future partner or meeting a new close friend. We are one of the few services in the dating industry that encourages and provides world renowned travel tours and introductions for men to meet hundreds of single women face to face in a social environment in their foreign country, with the same goal as you, finding love. Men can view any woman’s profile and see their bios, photos, videos and additional information about them. AFA allows individuals the ability to correspond online and build rapport for one another prior to ever meeting, so when the time for traveling finally comes the couple can build off the correspondence and have chemistry already flowing into the first meeting. Since 1995 AFA has been the leader in introducing international couples, providing top quality customer service, global offices in each city we travel to, and off course the highest quality of beautiful and intelligent single women.

The short answer is that you must meet her in person to exchange contact information, which if you are using this site should be your objective. Due to US law (International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA)), governing Foreign Introduction Agencies, we are restricted by the Federal Government in releasing any contact information until certain conditions are met. One of those is that she must see and sign your personal IMBRA form, which we complete, translate, process, and store for you when you meet. Without this form being completed correctly your fiancee visa may be denied. We correctly process the IMBRA forms for all the women you meet during any group tour and/or any type of individual meeting. We also confirm your identity, and conduct a sex offender background check, in addition to the completed IMBRA form. The communication on the site is meant to facilitate you meeting her at which point you will be free to exchange any personal contact information if both parties so desire, which is normally the case.

In addition to the requirements of IMBRA there are additional issues relating to safety and other concerns as to why we do not exchange contact information until you meet. For more information please see below:

Since 1995 AFA has successfully served the International Singles community by providing a premium safe and comprehensive introduction and relationship building service. There a multitude of International dating sites available for singles, all with varying degrees of service, safety and success. AFA, being the leader in the industry, has always strived to provide a complete, safe, and comprehensive service for those men and women truly interested in actually meeting each other for real relationships as opposed to virtual relationships where the two individuals rarely meet. To that end, AFA is the only service that offers a variety of options ranging from Individual options such as the Asian, Latin, and Euro clubs, One on One Introductions, and the Executive Service. Additionally we offer our most popular option, the Group Tours. All these options are designed to allow you to meet as many women as possible; including the one(s) you have built prior relationships with using the service. AFA is not intended to be a Pen Pal or virtual relationship service. The women profiled here have expressed a serious interest in actually meeting men with whom they can build a safe and rewarding life.

Due to safety concerns and IMBRA regulations, the exchange of personal contact information is severely restricted unless or until you meet in person via any of the vehicles mentioned above. The women have many on- line options; they choose us because they know our reputation over the last two decades as a Premium International dating service. They understand that the Matchmakers at our various offices and affiliates will assist them throughout the entire process with communication, translation, in person meetings, advice, etc., while keeping personal details and contacts private until they are sure they wish to meet. Often this support continues even after they are married if they need advice or any type of support. They receive much more personalized service and support then they would on any other site. At the same time, due to the time and resources necessary to provide such services, we are very selective as to which women we place on the site, placing only those we feel will ultimately be successful in their search, based on several factors. Unfortunately, in the past when we did release the women's personal contact information to individuals she had not yet met we received many complaints from women concerning harassment and or inappropriate sexual behavior/photos, primarily from men who never had any serious intention of meeting in person. Unfortunately, as a result of such issues many women requested to remove their profiles from the site, making it more difficult for the men who were serious to find their perfect match. Those issues still occur on many other sites, which is why women who are serious trust AFA and the safety and convenience of the comprehensive service they receive, which in turn enables us to present these women to you as viable candidates for serious relationships that may lead to marriage.

In virtually all cases once you meet the woman or women in person and they know you are real and have an interest they will release their personal contact information to you. Many may still use the service from time to time even after exchanging contact information for ease of communication and translation services, but also keep direct contact.

There is no extra fee to execute the IMBRA form for any type of in person meetings. However, there is a fee to execute the IMBRA form (if the woman is willing to do so) for those who have not yet met in person, please call 602-553-8178 ext. 0 for more information regarding this.

There are a variety of reasons as to why the women choose to join our service. It has been our experience that the primary objective of these women is to find a loyal, dependable, stable man with whom they can build a happy and loving family. These women are now searching outside of their country for this because for whatever reason or reasons they have not yet been able to find that one special person. In Russia for instance, there is a serious shortage of Russian men due to a combination of war and the high male death ratio. Alcoholism is also a very serious problem affecting many Russian males. A poor economic environment causes many men to shun the responsibilities of a wife and family. A family is very important to the vast majority of these women, thus they are forced to expand their search for their mate. The Internet has also opened up a whole new world of opportunities to these women that their mothers never enjoyed. They are no longer confined to their own cities and towns when searching for a mate. They can now search the world over for the right person.

Due to the culture and harsh realities of everyday life, the expectations and wants of most foreign women are extremely practical and realistic. They view strong family and traditional values as being important factors when choosing a life mate. Of course, like women everywhere, they want to fall in love. The facts in reference to marriage are that women seek mature, older, healthy, intelligent, successful, stable men with the ability to protect and provide for the family, and in all circumstances each of us seek a comfortable and happy home life.

A citizen of the United States has the right to file for a fiancée visa. The main qualification in applying for a fiancée visa is that the couple must have met in person, and photo evidence is required. Generally speaking, that meeting will take place outside the US. In Majority of visa applications, US Immigrations does not grant tourist visas to beautiful young foreign women from the countries we travel to, primarily due to the fear they desire to immigrate to the US and may not wish to leave the US once they enter on a tourist visa. The INS takes a dim view of a tourist visa holder who decides to marry while in the US. A U.S. citizen may, however, petition for a visa for his alien fiancée to allow her admission to the United States for a period of 90 days in order for them to prepare for their marriage and life together. At the end of the 90 days, the two of you must marry or she must return to her country. If you marry within the 90 days, she may remain in the country as your wife and she does not need to return to her country. You will need to file for Adjustment of Status immediately after you are married. Your new wife will not be able to leave the US until you file for "Advance Parole" or travel permission from the INS. Our company provides all of its tour members with a FREE professionally-prepared fiancée Visa Kit. The kit, authored by Immigration Attorney Laurie Wu, contains all the forms and guidance necessary to complete the process yourself. Tour clients may have Ms. Wu complete the entire fiancée Visa process for them at a fee of appx. 1600 (plus an appx. $550.00 filing fee). This rate is competitive with other US Immigration attorney services.

Thus, while citizenship and relocating are factors, there are many other more important factors for these women to consider. Many women will not risk leaving their country to be with a foreign man in a foreign country whom they've never met face to face with due to the fear of the unknown that may happen. Women come to AFA because it provides them a safe and supportive environment to meet more single men. What they really want is someone they can trust, depend on, and have a close relationship with. They certainly don't want to leave their friends and family and move to a strange new place just to discover they do not love the person they’re committed to!!!

No. The service is free of charge for the women. By not charging them to be on our service we are able to bring you a greater number and cross-section of people from which to choose. For the most part however, the women on our service could easily afford to be there. We have people from all walks of life including doctors, teachers, scientists, business people, farmers, etc.

That really depends on you. It is important that you read the bio-data information about the women you intend to correspond with. You should only respond to those whom you feel you will be compatible with. You should also review the Letter Writing Tips, and Some Good Advice. By following these guidelines you should receive a very favorable response.

The response time for a woman will typically be 1-3 days depending on how quickly she can be reached. The AFA offices reach the women through cell phone, social media, email and other platforms and work diligently to translate the correspondence for the couples and make sure they receive one another’s responses in a timely manner. It is possible that it may take longer to receive correspondence if the women is not able to be reached. If you have not received a response within 14 days, you can reach out to the Correspondence Department at (602) 553-8178 EXT. 104 or email

Studies have shown that, on a short term basis, the more attractive singles have sex more often. However the facts are, in reference to marriage, men seek youth and beauty & women seek mature, older, healthy, intelligent, successful, stable men with the ability to protect and provide for the family.

While outward appearance plays a role in any relationship, there are other factors which are much more important. We find that trust and stability are two of the most important factors, especially for the women on our service. If a relationship does develop and the woman moves to this country, she will want someone she can depend on. This is a major life move for her and at least at first, there will be no one in this country other than you that she can turn to for support and comfort. Therefore, while looks may play a minor role, stability, trust, and a warm relationship are much more important factors.

Studies show men and women seek different goals in marital partners. Men seek youth and beauty. Women seek mature, older, healthy, intelligent, successful, stable men who will love and respect them, with the ability to protect and provide for the family. It is a fact of life. In many other cultures, such as the Russian culture, the women tend to have much more reasonable expectations. Thay have not yet been media programmed with a youth-oriented outlook on life. Many Russian men lack a certain maturity towards family and relationships. Most Russian women are extremely mature for their years.

A Foreign Affair attempts to be as diverse as possible. We have women on our database from all walks of life, different cultures, and varying age groups. Age does become a factor when choosing whom you will be most compatible with; however, do not let it become a barrier. For many women an older person represents stability, security and wisdom. In many cultures it is not uncommon to see major age differences between spouses.

That is of course entirely up to you; however, we recommend that you do not. If the woman with whom you are corresponding is really interested in you then she will certainly respond without any financial incentive. If you really want to help with the cost of postage (most women and men on our service can easily afford this cost), we suggest that you send stamps as opposed to cash. We suggest you contact your local Post Office, or call us for more information on where to purchase the stamps.

A Foreign Affair services are available to any person from any country. Although our home office is based in the USA, we have offices in all of the cities in which we conduct the Singles Tours. These offices offer support for the Tours and services for individual travelers. Tour packages are available without airfare for clients who originate from countries other than the U.S. The women on our service welcome the chance to meet men from all countries and walks of life.

You will find everything you need to know contained on the site of A Foreign Affair. Please read the information and feel free to ask questions if you do not find the answers you need contained in the text portion of our service.