Do’s and Don’ts When Meeting Your Date

Going on a date can be nerve-wracking with all the emotions you experience when seeing your partner, especially for the first time. Aside from basic manners and etiquette one must have, you still have more to take into account when meeting for your date. Take some notes on how to make your date not only memorable, but convenient as well to guarantee a second date the next time afterwards.

  1. Timing is Important
    When it comes to online international dating, timing is one of the most important aspects to consider before anything. You don’t want to book tickets and travel arrangements only to find yourself in a tricky situation. Make sure you finalize specific details regarding both you and your date’s schedule before making any decisions. You want to make sure that both of you agree on a certain date, time and location to avoid any conflicts otherwise, you risk the chance of one of you showing up alone.
  2. Dress for the occasion
    It’s true that first impressions are everything, may it be appearances or on how you carry yourself. These aspects are what’s important when meeting your date – especially on the first date. Make sure you dress appropriately for the occasion, but not overly so, with expensive and lavish clothes. All you need to do is wear the right attire to express just how significant the date means to you. Not only will you look good, but you will also be leaving a lasting impression in the eyes of your date as well.
  3. Location
    No one knows your date’s preferences than yourself unless of course, if it’s a blind date. Get to know a few of the likes and dislikes of your partner beforehand, so you can decide on the ideal location of your date. Take note of some of her favorite types of cuisine, or what kind of food she’s interested in trying out. You’d want to avoid reserving a table at a restaurant where they serve food she’s allergic to, right? By considering these factors, you might just make the date her most memorable night yet.
  4. Be on your best behavior
    It’s pretty clear that no one would ever be impressed with someone who exhibits bad and rude behavior on a date. When meeting your partner abroad, it’s important to consider how she would perceive your behavior in person. Unlike how online communication is through chat and messages, communicating in person can be a whole different level. Facial expressions, the choice of words, and how you can carry yourself in a conversation are all essential aspects to remember on a date. You’d definitely want to avoid leaving them with the impression that you are a better person online than in real life.
  5. Focus on your date
    Nothing is more impolite than being busy with your phone or something else while on a date. The essence of going on a date is getting to know about your partner in the same space as you for just a few hours or a day. Time is precious and you would do well to spend it by giving your full attention towards your partner. It not only takes effort to go on a date but it takes time and thought, as well. Be diligent and immerse yourself well with your partner. Be appreciative of each other’s presence.
  6. Table etiquette
    It should be basic knowledge to display proper table manners and etiquette no matter who is sitting across you. It’s important to keep yourself well-composed to leave an alluring impression. A few tips to achieve this is to avoid talking when your mouth is full, refrain from cutting off your date while she is talking, and to dine neatly. Don’t be in a rush to finish your food and take your time with conversations. Remember to enjoy not only the food, but each other’s company as well.
  7. Don’t mention your past relationships
    One of the most unappealing conversations to have on a first date is about past relationships. Avoid mentioning your past lovers or experiences with them. This might leave your date with a wrong impression and might think you’re being boastful of your “conquests” or may even think that you are still hung up over the past. Show them that you are ready and serious about your current relationship in order to stay clear of any future disputes regarding your attitude on the matter.
  8. Avoid coming off as needy
    Another unappealing quality you should refrain from is coming off as desperate. Avoid conversations like future wedding plans, how many kids you want, or moving in together. Take things in a slowly and remember that great things take time.
  9. Sex is off the table
    A date (whether a first date or not) should be a time to get to know each other better emotionally and mentality. It’s a huge no-no to mention anything regarding the bedroom or anything sexual on a romantic date. You might leave the impression that you are only aiming to get in her pants rather than her heart. Avoid coming off as if sex is your primary interest and the only reason why you went on the date in the first place.
  10. Be yourself
    Nothing is more attractive than being yourself. Don’t be afraid to be honest with your date about your feelings and to show who you really are. It’s better to build a relationship based on trust rather than lies to make yourself look appealing. As the saying goes “it’s better to be hated for who you are than loved for who you are not.” The right person will love you unconditionally for all your imperfections and flaws. Don’t fear love and steer clear of trying to be someone you’re not.

Things to Consider Before Traveling Abroad

Before you book traveling arrangements, it’s essential for you to know these tips to avoid any problems in the future. To ensure everything goes as planned when traveling to meet your romantic partner, here are the things you need to consider before hopping on the next international flight.

  1. Check the validity of your passport and documents
    Before booking an international flight, be sure to check your passport and documents and make sure that these are up to date. See to it if any of your documents needs to be renewed to avoid any complications before setting off.
    Photocopy your travel documents to have some backup copies just in case, and save a copy as well online by sending a digital copy to yourself or saving it on cloud storage. Most countries require a passport with at least six months of validity after your return date. By knowing all this, you can prepare any special documents to enter the country you’ll traveling to.
  2. Check for any travel regulations and advisories
    Depending on the location of your destination, it’s ideal for you to check if there are any unexpected travel advisories before traveling. You may never know if your health or trip insurance may not be valid for foreign travel. A pro tip for traveling is to register your trip with your country’s embassy to inform them where you’ll be when in the country in case of emergencies.
  3. Get yourself checked
    Health is the most important factor you need to check with before leaving the country. Get a checkup with your doctor or insurance provider to see if you need any necessary prescribed medications or vaccines before traveling.
  4. Check your finances
    It’s recommended that you call your bank to make sure that you have the necessary funds you would be needing for your trip abroad. Remember to let them know that you will be traveling out of the country to ensure that you can use your card in making international purchases.
    Lastly, double or even triple check that you have sufficient back up money with you to avoid being in a sticky situation. Write down any important emergency contact numbers and keep it safely with you in case you may need to contact someone while abroad.
  5. Check your luggage
    Aside from your electronics, avoid bringing any expensive valuables with you such as jewelry or lavish accessories. These things could attract thieves who keep an eye out for tourists. Although this is a far-fetched scenario, it still exists as a possibility.
    It’s always better to be on the safe side, especially when traveling to a country you’re unfamiliar with. If you wear eyeglasses or any necessary equipment, make sure to pack an extra pair. A tip given by experienced travelers is to label and tag your bags with your contact information such as your name, address, and phone number either inside or outside your luggage.

Things to Do Upon Arrival

Whether you are traveling on your own or with a companion, arriving in an unfamiliar place can be both exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. Most times, when you take your first step abroad, you often find yourself lost and unsure about what to do next. Here are some tips to consider when arriving at your destination.

  1. Stop and take a deep breath
    After walking through the airport doors, stop for a moment and take a good look around you. Realize that not only have you arrived in one piece, and let everything sink in. Feel the excitement and the rush of all the new experiences.
  2. Head to the baggage claim
    Before hopping on to the exit, don’t forget about the rest of your luggage. Remember to keep an eye out for your baggage while waiting for your bags to be distributed. For any lost luggage, you can head to the designated lost luggage counters immediately and inquire. Ready your luggage tag stub and be sure to describe your bags as accurately as possible.
  3. Check your valuables
    Once obtaining all your luggage, it’s important to double check everything just in case you missed something. Check your valuables and any important documents you brought with you and be sure you exactly where you placed them. By doing so, you may even comb through some items you need to transfer to your carry-on bag before heading out of the airport for a hassle-free travel.
  4. Catching your ride
    When stepping out of the airport, search for your ride. If you don’t have one waiting for you, then you can hop on a regular cab and head to your hotel. While doing so, take the time to research about the town’s map, background, and culture. Immerse yourself with your surroundings and take the chance to explore.
  5. Set Schedules / check your itinerary
    If you have traveled all the way to your destination for meeting up with your romantic partner online or for other reasons, then it might be best to explore the area on your own first. If you have not yet decided on a schedule with each other upon your arrival, then you should use your free time to tour around. Indulge in the country’s culture and you can use your experience as your next topic of conversation when meeting your date. Use this trip to not only get to know more about your date, but yourself as well.